Freelance designer and producer of interactive multimedia, websites and digital video initiatives.

A leading authority on user experience design, interactive and digital signage.
I specialize in user experience, interactive design and production for the internet and kiosks.
My job is to design and orchestrate innovative digital programs from start to finish.

A digital media specialist for a fragmented industry.

Desktop publishing, digital photography, computer graphics, typesetting, email, kiosks, touchscreens,
websites, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, digital video, interactive multimedia.
Design studios and agencies didn't have to think about these things a few years ago, and now they are expected to be experts.

This is where I come in.

I love living in the future.

I liked it when it was called "New Media", that was a fitting description. It is always an exciting challenge to champion new methods of marketing and communications that are not widely used. This was my experience with the internet, HTML and Macromedia Director in the early 90's and I continue to look forward to discovering new technologies today.

Interactive multimedia and digital signage are becoming mainstream, people are still in wonder over vast arrays of Christie MicroTiles.

How do you design for that? What is the production process? How do we maintain this new... thing? You call Terry.


Good. You get it. Drop me a line & let’s get this going.

terrymcguire (at)