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Scotiabank Yorkdale MicroTile Wall

Scotiabank commissioned Cineplex Digital Solutions to provide an engaging, state-of-the-art display for their flagship branch at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, Canada. Christie MicroTiles were selected as the display technology for their ability to be configured in unique, versatile configurations. The project was entered and won a Gold Apex Award at the 2014 Digital Signage Expo Apex Awards in Las Vegas.
The MicroTile signage was positioned above the entrance to the new flagship branch for clients to see comfortably from the mall concourse as they enter the branch. The sign features a unique design showcasing the creative versatilies the MicroTiles with some of the tiles extruding from the wall and others matching up with the wall to create a pleasing 3D effect.
Content for this installation proved to be a challenge at many levels, from creation and production to playlist management and content distribution. Scotiabank's in-house creative team relied on Terry's insight on the installation requirements, content constraints, and technical needs of the MicroTile product. Detailed instructions and After Effects templates were provided, enabling content to be created by Scotiabank.
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Use of the Christie Digital MicroTiles calculator helped develop the content creation template and rendering specifications, indicating where the content would be split for output from the media player, where title safes are located, and providing the array arrangement to maximize resolution output from the player to the tiles.
Yorkdale Mall has strict guidelines for digital signage which required development new methods of simulating long duration video files while working within the available capabilities of Reflectview digital signage software.
Scotiabank and Yorkdale Mall are pleased with the results of this installation. Both companies continue to pursue work on new initiatives based on the success of this project.


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